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Installed 15.7 update, now all my displayports don't work.

Question asked by drubus on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2015 by drubus

I run a 3X1 eyefinity set up but more often than not I have them in multi-monitor for multitasking.  My Two outside displays are DVI but my center one (a 27" iMac) is run by DP.  During the software update that screen went black then off to the Mac OS and I haven't seen  windows on it again yet.


I have reset everything, re-plugged everything, cleaned everything, un-installed and re-installed the driver, tested the iMac's DP on another system.


On a MAC you press CMD F2 to switch the screen to an external monitor.  That makes the screen go black and messes with the resolution on my other screens, then after a few seconds it goes right back.


Worst part is I can't even revert to the old installation as AMD removed it from their site.  


Help would be good