R9 290 Freeze After 5-10 Minutes In Game, Require Hard Reset

Discussion created by matthewbim11 on Jul 15, 2015
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Hey everyone. So I've been going through trouble with my computer having all sorts of problems, but here is the current one.

My game will run at great FPS, but then crash after 5-10 minutes. Temperatures are great, not exceeding 75c on the GPU and 60c on the CPU. Games that crash are BF3 (crashes within 10 minutes without fail), Terraria (will run much longer, around 30-46 minutes, but still crashes), and Skyrim (same as BF3).


Grid 2 will run for hours, 60+ FPS, no problems. So will Minecraft, 100+ FPS.


My hardware is:

Fx 8350 (non overclocked, 4.0ghz)

XFX R9 290 (987MHz under load, non overclocked)

8 gig ripjaws 1600

asrock 980DE3/U3S3

WD Black 1tb

EVGA 750w 80+ bronze


Here is a DxDiag:

------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: -


Troubleshooting I've tried:

  • Switching to Windows 8.1 (other non related graphics problems)
  • Turning audio off through bios
  • Clean wipe in safemode, reinstall driver
  • Reinstall driver without CCC
  • Run driver verifier
  • Use frame limiter in CCC (had no effect on frames?)
  • Downclock GPU in CCC
  • Overclock GPU in CCC (got it to 50% power and 15% clock without artifacts in FurMark, got a score comparable to non OC'd Titan. Test ran stable 5 times back to back.)
  • Cried. A lot.


At this point I'm willing to try anything, this computer has been a pain in my rear for 5 months now. I enjoy BF3, but not enough to manually restart the computer every 5 minutes and wait for it to boot up again, only to wait for another crash. I do not have any other hardware to help troubleshoot, no extra CPU GPU or PSU lying around to swap in and out.