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    Catalyst 15.7 Driver update DVD wont play


      So after i downloaded the 15.7 Driver update it was a royal pain to get the resolution correct. but now that i've managed to do that my DVD-R drive will not play a dvd on my Clear-fi. so i decided to play it on windows media player and the response was... "Your computer is running low on memory. Quit other programs, and then try again." I have no other programs running and my ram is only using 2.9gb out of 16gb. i've set my computer to recognize all 16gb and still nothing. For the record its not only one DVD its any and all DVD's i put in my computer. I have an Acer Aspire A Desktop Series Aspire AM3470G-UW10P.

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          i figured it out. i ended up deleting AMD quick stream that came with my driver update. it must have been taking up too much memory in the background that i couldn't see.. if anyone else has this problem here is a possible answer to the problem. though my Clear-fi still will not play dvd's if anyone has info on that it would make me happy.