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incorrect VRAM with dual graphics [A10-7870K + R7 250 1GB]

Question asked by akislovag on Jul 16, 2015
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Please somebody help. I bought a new computer and something fishy about it and I can't figure out what.


The specs are:


ASUS A88X-Gamer motherboard
AMD A10-7870K APU
16GB DDR3 2400Mhz system memory, minus the
IGP with 1GB of VRAM
ASUS R7 250 1GB in dual graphics mode.


It should have 1GB of VRAM total as they should not stack up.

If the IGP is the primary card and the graphics card is secondary, GTA V sees 6786 Mb of VRAM. If it tries to use that VRAM all sort of nasty thins happen like invisible objects and flashing screens. Performance is as it should be in dual graphics.

If the graphics card is primary, suddenly sees 11520 MB VRAM.

Reinstalled Windows few times, Win 8.1 Pro, Win 8.1 N, Win 10 all the same. Tried all the available BIOS for the motherboard.

If I remove the graphics card, and only use the IGP, the game sees the correct amount of VRAM (1GB) but dxdiag says it has around 3600 MB total. If I use the graphics card only, GTA V sees 3600 something, and dxdiag still says it has around 4800.

Couldn't find anything on the net about this...