can't get Eyefinity working after 15.7 upgrade, worked fine w/14.12 omega

Discussion created by bkp57 on Jul 15, 2015

hello everyone


I have an ASUS Radeon HD7850 that I've been happily using with a three monitor Eyefinity setup for quite some time, using the 14.12 omega drivers.

My three monitors are all identical 1600x1200 monitors I got from my place of work.  Two of them are connected to my card's DVI ports, and one is connected via a DP-to-DVI adapter (the monitors are all DVI).


I attempted recently to update to the 15.6 Catalyst driver set, but after reboot was greeted with three black screens.  Windows was running just fine, but I couldn't see anything at all.

I have uninstalled (both using Add/Remove and DDU) and reinstalled several times, removed in safe mode, cleaned registry, rebooted with one monitor connected and added the others back in, etc etc etc


I finally got the system booted back up with one monitor plugged in and I could see what I was doing with the 15.7 driver installed (exchanged the DP-to-DVI adapter for an HDMI-to-DVI).  Plugged in a second monitor to one of the DVI ports.  Monitor lights up, desktop extends.  Pressed my luck, plugged in the third monitor.  It comes on and one of the others blinks off.


CCC now tells me that one of my monitors is disabled.  In order to re-enable it, I have to disable one of the others.


What gives?  Why does switching driver versions force me to do this?  Doesn't quite sound right to me... any suggestions?