AMD Radeon 390 not detected in display adapters

Discussion created by jsmith81 on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2015 by mashedtaters

I just bought an AMD Radeon 390 graphics card from the manufacturer MSI and put it on one of my my Intel z97 motherboard's PCI-e slot with no troubles. I installed all of the drivers on the provided disk after getting Windows 8 setup on the computer, however the graphics card is still not recognized on the computer. The disk included from MSI did not include the AMD Catalyst Install Manager.


I downloaded AMD Catalyst Install Manager to try and download the drivers needed for support with Windows 8.1, but the program continues to say "Detecting Graphics Hardware..." so it does not seem to think that I have any AMD graphics card installed. I have the card powered and connected to the PCI-e slot, so I don't think I am missing any connections from the card to the motherboard.


I have also tried going into BIOS and selecting the PCI-e slot that I have the graphics card in, however it still does not appear in display adapters or is used in any gaming applications.


I currently have the display on my monitor coming through the graphics card's DVI port, thus originally leading me to believe that the card was working, however it seems to just be using "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" to do all of the graphics.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.