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AMD 7850K Throttling when IGPU Utilized

Question asked by basilhawkins on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by zhe

My AMD 7850K throttles when I try to play games. The IGPU stays at 351MHz and the CPU clocks down to 3GHz intermittently. It seems that this is a common problem. There are many people on the web having this issue with their APU system.


Any solutions? I didn't find any solutions on the web. I tried disabling Turbo and APM (application management control) from the motherboard BIOS, but that didn't have any effect and it still throttled. Everything is on stock. From the AMD overdirve software, my thermal margins are always decent (~40+ Celsius during gameplay) I don't think I've ever seen my GPU hit 720MHz actually.




A10 7850K

Gigabyte f2a88x d3h rev. 3 motherboard with latest F6 BIOS

2400MHZ GSkill Ram

Windows 8.1

Seasonic X750 Gold rated power supply.


My system is stable I haven't had any crashed what so ever.