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    AMD 7850K Throttling when IGPU Utilized


      My AMD 7850K throttles when I try to play games. The IGPU stays at 351MHz and the CPU clocks down to 3GHz intermittently. It seems that this is a common problem. There are many people on the web having this issue with their APU system.


      Any solutions? I didn't find any solutions on the web. I tried disabling Turbo and APM (application management control) from the motherboard BIOS, but that didn't have any effect and it still throttled. Everything is on stock. From the AMD overdirve software, my thermal margins are always decent (~40+ Celsius during gameplay) I don't think I've ever seen my GPU hit 720MHz actually.




      A10 7850K

      Gigabyte f2a88x d3h rev. 3 motherboard with latest F6 BIOS

      2400MHZ GSkill Ram

      Windows 8.1

      Seasonic X750 Gold rated power supply.


      My system is stable I haven't had any crashed what so ever.

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          This seems to be a problem with the most recent Catalyst drivers. I had similar problems with version 15.7. I did a clean install of the 15.6 Beta drivers and GPU performance is back to normal.

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              That fixes it! Thanks a bunch mate! The IGPU hits 720MHz now, not consistently though, during a Cinebench 15 openGL test run. The CPU is still throttling. It still clocks down to 3GHz when I run the openGL test in Cinebench 15. The CPU doesn't throttle however when I run the CPU test. Do you have that problem too?

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                  As far as I remember, the CPU will get throttled when there is a high GPU load, it depends on your cooling or any power draw/cTDP setting you may have set in the bios. The CPU test doesnt throttle because the GPU is not being loaded, so the APU is still operating within its limits. Are your temperatures high? I dont know the limits on when it throttles or not.

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                  hi there. Im having serios problens with 7850K and a R9290.


                  System freezes sometimes and even firefox wich uses gpu accel has some crashes( I just reinstalled windows 10 throught recover media and its still not goot at all).


                  I noticed that CPU frequency doesnt change from 1,63 mhz, no matter what happens (usually while system has more process, it changes frequency accordinly necessisty).


                  Even trying to do forced overclock, and it's frequency does not change and does not goes over 35% of charge (utilization of 4 cores).


                  Everything goes bad at windows 10. on linux Ubuntu 16.04, doing nothing, except booting, the system works flawlessly and changes processor frequency normally I would say.


                  I'm trying to play WOW and I almost cant play wow with a R9290.


                  thats not possible. This is a cannon to kill a fly. =}


                  thanks for the tip Mrbeady.


                  tomorrow ill try to change Crimsom drivers to catalyst version you mentioned.