What is going on with my card?

Discussion created by peronmls on Jul 14, 2015

So I installed the new ATI drivers that supported VSR that game out a few days ago. Well crap happened and I feel like I tried everything.


I randomly got red and black vertical line while playing a game. Restart. Right after I log in it does it again. Restart. Does the same thing again and again every time I restart then login. Something is broken. Uninstalled with DDU in safe mode then reinstalled drivers. Get the same lines. Revert to previous drivers and properly uninstall with DDU. Now after the windows loading screen I just get a black screen. No welcome jingle, no lost signal and no cursor. HDD LED is blinking but it just hangs. Tried other drivers and other display ports. My card ONLY works with standard VGA drivers. Also switched to second GFX BIOS thinking it was a bios problem.


What could possibly be the problem?!

ATI HD Radeon 7970 3GB PE