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    LGP Lite capture card is in conflict with my AMD Radeon graphics card?




      A couple months ago I bought an LGP Lite capture card device to record gameplay footage. It's an Avermedia product and came with the recording software RECentral. It installed just fine, but the moment I ran the program, it didn't work. It started up and all, but I couldn't see its window; just the icon in the taskbar.


      After googling and asking friends etc. I decided to try and disable the graphics adapter. I have a SAMSUNG laptop with an Intel HD Graphics 4000 card, and as many other laptops it also has a stronger AMD Radeon setting (Radeon 7970m) which is used for heavier graphical duties. Well, as it turns out, it's the Radeon part of the graphics card (forgive me for not knowing the correct terms of this...) that was in conflict with the card. I disabled it, now using only the standard Intel HD Graphics, and RECentral has been working just fine.


      But obviously this is far from ideal, the standard graphics card is too weak to allow any kind of gaming on my laptop, so naturally I want to have the Radeon installed. Is there any way to get the freaking capture card and Radeon card to work together?


      Very thankful for good answers.