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    r7 200 - blinking monitor (every 5 seconds for so)


      The r7 200 video card with dual DVI (one to monitor, one to 4x4 HDMI splitter for projectors) has been working great since March 2015 when installed.   Yesterday (Monday 13th) the monitor started to blink every 3-5 seconds (black out then come back). 


      1. Tried another monitor - same problem.
      2. Disabled video drivers; monitor went to standard mode; no blinking
      3. Safe Mode - no blinking
      4. Downloaded latest drivers - same problem after it reboots
      5. Disabling / Deleting video files - no blinking
      6. Loaded drivers from original CD; same problem.   (however, did not remove program/drivers beforehand)


      Suggestions please.    This is a system that runs a projector for meetings.






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          This is actually a MSI Radeon R7 260X OC card.   Was going my the driver description.


          Downloaded specific drivers for this card - same problem.  Also did the complete uninstall and re-install.   Also did custom and selected just drivers.  - same problems.


          Noticed that MS security updates loaded on same day at 3AM.  Restored to that nights restore point before critical update.   - same problem.


          Fan is running.   Power is plugged in.   Running out of options except get another card.   However, I don't think it is the card.