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Switchable Graphics not working for non-DX apps

Question asked by mateiarutp on Jul 14, 2015
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Hello! This is my first post on the AMD forums, sorry if it is in the wrong topic but I has to be about the AMD Catalyst driver / software.


From what I'm seeing, switchable graphics only works for apps that display using DirectX. Apps that don't use DirectX are rendered using iGPU (Integrated GPU, in my case Intel HD Graphics) no matter what I set in the Catalyst Switchable Graphics settings. For example, I have an app (FurryBall GPU Renderer) that, when it starts it "takes" the current GPU and then gives it some operations (like rendering an animation), but the app is only a .NET window and it does not use DirectX to display, so it starts with the Intel HD Graphics instead of my AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series, causing it to render with wrong GPU. I tried setting it to high-performance but no effect. Same with DxDiag (set to high-performance but detects Intel HD Graphics). Why if an app is set to high-performance it starts with iGPU unless it uses DX? I mean, there should be a warning, something to tell you that using dGPU (Dedicated GPU) is not good and should allow me to start it with dGPU.


Here is a screenshot of the FurryBall GPU picker. My AMD Radeon does not show because it is disabled, and instead it shows Intel HD Graphics and another random thing which crashes the program when used. By the way, rasterization requires DX11 and I searched and AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series has DX11.1, so it should appear:



I also tried uninstalling Intel HD Graphics but it reinstalled automatically right after uninstall. Should I try to disable it then uninstall? I don't want to break my laptop with a black screen.


Please help me!


Thanks in advance,