Windows 10 (Build 10166) - Issues / Bugs

Discussion created by hazzakee on Jul 14, 2015
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My computer has Windows 10 installed (obviously), and I wanted to share some bugs that perhaps would get more attention looking at the release date of the OS.


Now I'm fairly certain it's graphical driver issues, simply because it sometimes crashes without blue/redscreening, and notifies me that my graphical driver has crashed and successfully recovered.


My Computer Specs (Dxdiag File)



Blue screens happen ALOT, it's unbelievably frustrating, this happens in Fifa 15 most frequently, Civ 5, or any other game really, it also happens on Music App sometimes too.


If you need any more info, .dmp files or whatever just say and I'll throw 'em your way


P.S - if you're curious I have reported this through the windows feedback app, several times over the last few builds..