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    KiStackFault problem


      Hi, i have observed a quite strange behavior of amd processors during Long Mode switch on Windows operating systems.

      In particular context processor generates #SS exception in situation when there is no reasons to this exception.

      I have prepared test which reproduce mentoned problem. Does anybody knows how to report this issue to AMD?

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          I have whitelisted you. And welcome to our little community.


          I'm going to move this to the general discussions forum. I'm tagging the community manager pinform so he's aware. Based on his assessment and/or your feedback, we may move it elsewhere. Based on what you've said, I'm not sure where the root cause for this might be.


          There is a reporting system for Catalyst Driver issues.  www.amd.com/report. It is aimed more at consumers than developers, (folks who own AMD graphics cards), but the driver touches a LOT of technology. For example, it contains OpenCL runtime support, and therefore the ability to compile OpenCL kernels.


          There is no formal reporting system for developers relating to tools, compilers, enablement software, etc. Developers report issues on the forum, and the community manager/support engineers will move it forward - try to reproduce, and if reproducible, open an internal defect report.