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AMD VCE Broken at 15.7 drivers

Question asked by deadwarrior on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by unidon

All programs which use SDK for video capture doesn't work now with new drivers. Only Raptr, because of AMD, I guess. That's not a good practice to force users use Raptr, it's not good program.


Please, fix this problem.


P.S. and it will be nice if you try to make program for capture like nvidia by own resources, because quality of Raptr is very low. Although, it could be bad desire, considering problems with VSR which does not work at my HD 7870... At least you can support OBS which is better than Raptr for capture video.


Short list of programs which use SDK for VCE:

MSI Afterburner

Open Broadcaster Software

Mirillis Action!