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Game DVR Error

Question asked by sickness on Jul 14, 2015

Hey Guys


I own a "Asus R9 270x 4GB" graphics card and I installed "AMD Gaming Evolved" a few months ago. Everything was working fine. Raptr was recording my gameplay and offered me the opportunity to save my highlights, which I´ve never tried (but I´m assuming it would´ve worked just fine, too).

But now Raptr is giving me this weird paradox. I had to reinstall Raptr after I purchased a SSD and put my OS on it. (I´m running Windows 7 64-Bit)

I set the Folder, in which the videos are supposed to be saved, to my HDD. Raptr is on my SSD, as that cannot be changed (I was not given the option to change the installation folder).

I tried 2 different things:

1) Set both Highlight-Clips and Game-Replay to "ON".

    Result: As I´m starting the game, it gives me an error on the left hand side of the screen ("Recording error: Please activate the overlay to receive more information"*)

    As soon as I return to my Desktop, an Error Message Appears which reads as follows: "[Title:] Game DVR-ERROR [Text:] We tried to start the game DVR while it was already recording, should not get here! 


Now hang on a second: If Raptr was already recording, why did it try to start itself? And why does it automatically turn itself off, if the goal is to record, which the program has already recognized itself doing?

2) Set both Highlight-Clips and Game-Replay to "OFF"

     Result: After pressing [PAGE UP] and [F11], it gave me the same error as in scenario 1, which is funny, because it possibly couldn´t have been recording, because that was set to "OFF".



Am I missing something here, guys?





* This could only be translated vaguely, as I´m using the German version of Raptr.