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Shadow of Mordor locks up

Question asked by fistc70 on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by hendi330


I recently downloaded the current driver 15.7 and everything works good except when I play Shadow of Mordor. When I am playing the game and some time after I first start, I use the "Focus" attack and then sporadically the game locks up and quits. So far it only happens when I use the "Focus" attack. There isn't any error code when it happens, I usually open the task manager and stop the shadow of mordor process. I first downloaded the current 15.7 a day after the release, used DDU to uninstall the previous driver, installed the 15.7 driver, and then it started happening. All of my other games work great ie. Metro Last Light, Project Cars, Dirt Rally, COD AW, and Grid Motorsport. So I tried different profiles and adjustments...even dropped the power percent on my GPU to a 20% reduction using MSI afterburner, which caused the game to freeze quicker during normal game play. Then today I used DDU again and re-installed the 15.7 driver and it still locks up. I even tried different OC'n 4.4ghz, 4.5 ghz, and 4.8ghz. Any suggestions?


Current system specs:

FX 8350


G Skill Trident X 16gb (2x8)

Sapphire R9 295x2 GPU

RM1000 PSU

Samsung 850 Pro 256 gb (OS)

Samsung 850 EVO 1 tb (for my games)

Corsair H100i

Windows 7 Home 64bit

Benq XL2730z (Using minid DP for the high refresh and Freesync)