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i need help

Question asked by amaroth on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by damric

so I am not very good at this stuff but I really need some help. so I have this problem for a while and it is really frustrating. when I open the amd catalyst control center I don't have all the options that I had before I only have 4 and they are not the useful ones. like the ones I can choose which program will be with high priority which will be low etc. also when I right click on my desktop i have at the top the option to open amd catalyst but before, after that i had the option that said "exchangeable graphics" that would open the catalyst to one of the options that i am currently missing..
my desktop is a Lenovo g500 with intel core i5 and my graphics card is an amd radeon but i am not really sure which one..
please help me