Constant BSODs since April 2014, despite numerous driver updates

Discussion created by mavvv on Jul 14, 2015

Hi guys. I've got a Powercolor Radeon HD 7950 (RMA'd once for overheating issues) that displays as a R9 200 series in dxdiag ever since a drivers update I believe around April 2014. I've had BSODs in games probably an average of twice weekly, with several gaps in crashing, and then suddenly tons of crashing in a single day and/or week. I have no idea how to interpret dump files, but I've got dozens of them in a folder. Some of them are different than others, but the main theme seems to be display drivers causing a blue screen. I understand everyone wants to recommend a reinstallation of drivers but I've seriously done that over 10 times and have gone through multiple driver updates.


I'm really losing hope at this point, as Powercolor won't accept another RMA, they seem to think it it's the fault of a second GPU that I had crossfired in the past but haven't had in the system for well over a year now. The RMA process with them always ends at the Sapphire card being mentioned, and they want me to test it. I tossed it out a long time ago because crossfire was more trouble than it was worth for me.


Attached are some recent dump files.