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CPU Causing in game stuttering. Help!

Question asked by venom4 on Jul 13, 2015



I've been having this problem for half a year now. In games my screen seems to stutter alot. For example in War thunder one second im at 60fps next ive dropped down to 40fps then back to 60fps shortly after. During this time, the screen stutters and feels unplayable. Also my FPS is much lower than normal.


I've replaced my GPU to a GTX 970 and still have the issue. I also installed a new PSU and heatsink cooler (coolermaster hyper 212 evo). I still have the problem.



It can't be a GPU problem, It can't be thermal problem because all my temperatures are low. Its also nothing to do with the monitor. Its also nothing to do with the mouse. What can it be?


It could be my CPU not getting enough power from my motherboard (VRM issue?)

However, I tested to see if it was a VRM issue and my voltages or speed of my processor did not change while playing games.



I have no idea what is causing this and its frustrating. If I just buy a new CPU (intel) I just feel it wont do anything.


It could be RAM.. well.. that's just about the only thing I have not bought new aswell as a CPU.



Please could I have some help???







AMD fx-8350 Eight Core Processor @ 4.00GHz  Turbo 4.2GHz



78LMT-USB3 Motherboard

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)