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"No samples to display" when using CodeXL in VS2012

Question asked by cllh80 on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by pinform

Hi all,

   I am a newcomer. I am using CodeXL in VS2012 to do some CPU profiling for OpenCL program.

   AMD APU: A10-7800B

   driver: amd-catalyst-omega-14.12(14.501.1003.0)

   CodeXL: V1.7

   Visual Studio: Ultimate 2012

   There are two issues when performing CPU profiling:

(1) Overview

In "5 Hottest Funcitons", the message "No samples to display. Consider changing the display settings or selecting a different hotspot indicator." is often acquired. Is this correct or not due to wrong environment setting?

(2) AMD CodeXL Quick Start Guide

This guide (V1.7) said "Profiling does not require recompilation, except for CPU profiling, which requires compilation with debugging enabled."  Does this mean the executable program should be compiled with Debug version when using CPU profiling?  In CodeXL Project Settings or CodeXL Options, it seems no  tab should be set up.