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    Problem with WOT refresh rate in Catalyst




      I'm currently running the new driver on WIn 10 Build 10166 with R7 265. When I stated Word of Tanks, my display seatings were reset. I proceed to set them like they were before. I noticed that the option for 60hz and 30 hz refresh rate were missing and upon selecting 59hz the game will freeze. Using Alt+Tab will unfreeze the game for 1-2 second. Only when I set it to 50hz or lower it doesn't have problems This is on my primary display using HDMI.

      When I moved the game on the second screen using DVI, there weren't any problem whit selection 59hz, but is sill missing option for 60hz and 30hz. In Catalyst the displays are set to run on 60hz.

      I didn't have this problem when using the distributed driver from windows update v15.20-150522a-184226E, but it too has the 60hz and 30hz missing from the game setting.

      I performed clean Install on the drivers and WOT but it didn't help.