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Bought new Cpu now PC won't boot

Question asked by theheckler on Jul 13, 2015

So I recently purchased a new cpu for my rig as i have been upgrading it.  Did my research and purchased a AMD fx 8350 to replace my AMD fx 4170.  I put the 8350 into the pc and nothing happens when i hit the power button except the fans all turn on.  Now i have reset BIOS, updated to the latest version that is said to support the 8350 (f8f),  tried starting with ram removed, and am running out of things to try.  Now i have put the 4170 back in and it runs fine.  At this point i am wondering if CPU is DOA?



MOBO- Gigabyte 970a ud3 revision 1.2

CPU- AMD fx 4170

Ram- Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (2x4GB) 240-pin DDR3

PSU- LSP Ultra 650w atx

GPU- Geforce GTX 970