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CCC pops up & cursor disappears, huh?

Question asked by leena on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2015 by leena

I don't even know what Catalyst Control Center is or why I'd use it - I have never used it in 2 yrs I've had this computer so far. But nearly a month ago, my Samsung laptop began having the cursor disappear and a cryptic menu appear in the upper left corner:

  • Restore
  • Move
  • Size
  • Minimize
  • Maximize
  • Close (Alt F4)

I have to use various keystroke combos to get the cursor back - VERY time consuming as it is locked up and absent. You simply can't get it to come back from the edges (that seems to be where it hides, mainly up near the upper left). It seems I can most easily fix by tabbing to RESTORE which minimizes my Chrome window and sometimes the cursor shows up when I do that. If it doesn't, then I have to toggle to metro start page and back a few times and if still no cursor, tab on the metro page to a little word processor I use, open that and play in a pretend document where eventually I usually get the cursor back after several tries.


After this frustrating routine, usually the AMD Catalyst Control Center menu will then pop up in the upper left and make the cursor disappear again. So I have go through this all over again.


I have Win 8.1 updated, with Avast! AV, use only the laptop's touchpad - no mouse, do NOT have a 2nd monitor attached (never have) and do not play any games. I web surf only to social media, blogs, email, information & shopping. I have noticed this behavior seems to be worse if I use sites that are probably using Flash or Java (ones that don't display URLs when you click a link/Next arrow). I keep all my programs updated (Avast scans for outdated stuff).


I have run deep Avast scans every week & quick scans every day and find nothing - never have. Also use Anti-Malware Bytes (I think that's the name) and it finds nothing. I have checked for driver issues with the mouse/graphics controller via windows and it says they are up to date.


I'm at my wit's end. I'd like to just throw this laptop from a 10 story building right about now. Tonight I tried to simply set the properties on the Users folder to show the hidden files and folders and now the Users folder is simply GONE. Plus I now see there is NOTHING on my classic desktop (I had at least a dozen shortcuts there) and half the metro badges are now gone. WTH? I'd be grateful if anyone can help me.