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AMD Catalyst 15.7 GPU Core Clock problem

Question asked by monkeyisland on Jul 12, 2015

Hello, i have AMD A10 7850k cpu with the integrated gpu and after upgrade from 15.6 catalyst (that worked fine) to 15.7 my GPU seems go to half of his speed after notice that fps in games are very low respect 15.6 i noticed with GPU-Z that the GPU Core Clock won't increase is "block" at 351.2 mhz (using show average reading).

I have revert to 15.6 and the card is return fine and GPU-Z show that GPU Core Clock in gaming or when i open a video increase, then i have try again to reinstall new driver but after use DDU for remove the old one and the problem return again and i can't understand what cause it.

I have never apply any OC and i've always use High Profile but the problem appear only with this new driver..



Sorry for my bad english, hope in answers.