Asus R9 290x Flickering ONLY in Software/Programs

Discussion created by sphinxra28 on Jul 13, 2015
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I tryd several forums to get this answered but no luck,


When i installed the 290x GPU (before i had a NVIDIA GTX960 FTW) i had alot of

VSYNC/FPS/Hz problems, screen tearing/flickering everywhere, this was caused later on when i finded out reading forums and a lot of Google by Aero Peek,

i always turn that off because i don't care about how my desktop looks, never was a problem

before, till i went from NIVIDIA to AMD...so VSYNC screen tearing "solved".


What i still have is really annoying, i have 2 monitors in extended mode (one desktop),

when i use Vegas Pro 13 or After Effects CC2015 WITH external preview monitor on

and when i click on media files (anything in the project from pictures till video) in the project like in

AE or "exploring" for files in VP13 (auto preview play) then BOTH screens flickers like 5 times orso, every time when i click a meda file.


I have no idea no-more what it is, googling, reading forums all week but not this

"specific" flickering, i tryd many drivers, even out of insanity i made a "fresh"

install of windows7x64, offcoursse no difference, hope that someone can help me here on the Sony forum, this is driving me insain, could there be a GPU defect? Still a VSYNC defect/conflict?


I have no flickering at all on both monitors with browsers or what so ever,

ONLY in "windowed" programs that uses a "fullscreen" second/external preview.


My specs:

Asus P9X79 Pro

Corsair TX850w

i7-3930K Hexa-Core Processor 3.2Ghz

32gb DDR3 1600

Asus R9 290x DC2-OC-4G

Samsung 250gb SSD

Samsung 500gb SSD

Samsung 3TB HDD

Samsung 2TB HDD