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Crysis 3 crash during AMD's twitch livestream

Question asked by theacclaimed on Jul 13, 2015

During the livestream on AMD's twitch channel, July 9th, 2015, while streaming Crysis 3, the game crashed right around 27:20 on the stream timeline. They were showing off the R9 390 and it's ability to play Crysis 3 on High and average 80+ fps.


This is a similar type of crash I have seen with FFXIV: Heavensward, Tomb Raider, and Metro Last Light. All DX11 titles. The only difference was I have seen this happen with the 390x on Windows 7 compared to 8.1.


Pretty much points to an issue with the drivers otherwise MSI has a bad batch of R9 390 / 390x cards which seems unlikely. (I duplicated the issue on 2 different 390x cards; both MSI). There is another post mentioning the game crashing with the R9 285, which the user just so happens to be using an MSI branded 285. I really hope AMD is looking into these issues as this problem has the potential to affect sales numbers of the 300 series on a larger scale overtime.


It would be nice if someone can comment if they have experienced these sort of issues on other brands such as XFX, Sapphire, and others.


In one of my earlier posts I even warned that these issues with drivers would be unacceptable for people livestreaming games. I guess since it occurred on AMD's own twitch channel they will definitely be looking into this as a Sev 1 issue.