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Payday 2 broke monitor screen!!! Help...

Question asked by timchang902809 on Jul 12, 2015

Hey everyone,

          So a few days back, I reinstalled payday 2 since my friend got a copy of it. After successfully installing it, I hopped straight into the game. After a couple seconds on the main menu screen, my monitor began to flicker and show screen tears periodically. After about 10 seconds, my monitor screen turned black but with the background sounds still playing. Confused, I shut down the computer and turned it back on, only to find now multiple screen tears on the login screen (I have windows 7). I am still able to login but once I do, the screen turns black, no icons and mouse to be seen. But the strange thing is that everything works completely fine on safe mode. I am able to see all and use all icons, just like a normal, functioning computer. I've searched only for solutions and many suggested uninstalling/updating the graphic drivers (I have AMD Radeon 7800 series) and even doing system restore, but none of those options worked. I still am experiencing severe screen tears at login screen in normal mode. Some said it could be a GPU issue but wouldn't a GPU issue prevent the monitor to function properly at all, no matter the mode? Does anyone here have any idea what's going on? I hope I don't have to resort to something like a factory reset or buying a new graphics card to fix the issue. Thanks!


Login screen now (normal mode):


After I log in(normal mode):