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Witcher 3 locking up after 15.7 update

Question asked by naturalelements on Jul 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2015 by naturalelements

After a clean install of the 15.7 Drivers I can't get Witcher 3 to run properly at all.  The game locks up after loading a save or starting a new game.  When it does lock up I have to reset the PC.  I run a native 4k, and no matter what settings I have (even minimum specs and lowest resolution), I'm having trouble. Roll back to old drivers and everthing is a-ok.  No problems like this in the past except for a direct x issue with Crysis 2, and the driver doesn't cause issues with any other games.


I've also have the larger cursor issue a number of people have talked about with the new drivers, just in case that's connected.  Anyone else running into this issue?


I've got:



8gb Ram

Intel 5820k

AsRock 99xtreme