Problem DXVA2 hardware acceleration in AMD Catalyst Driver 15.7

Discussion created by ken09 on Jul 12, 2015

My notebook laptop: ASUS X43U (AMD E-350 with Radeon HD 6310 IGP). I was upgrade my laptop driver (before upgrade I uninstall previous driver - 14.12) to 15.7. It was compatible, but I tried to playback my video (H264) with hardware acceleration (DXVA2 native in LAV decoder) in Media Player Classic and it just show blank video player of course without pictures or sounds then show  "Not responding" window like some crash. If I disable DXVA2, it back to normal playback without problem, not just Media Player Classic but also other video player like GOM, VLC, and some app combination with LAV decoder especially for encode/decode . .