Windows Server 2012 r2 driver

Discussion created by tyrael on Jul 11, 2015
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Dear Madames and Sirs,


I want to build up a hyper-v system to use vm's remote fx. I wanted also install some older games just for testing purposes on the vms. For optimal use I wanted to install the drivers provided by AMD.


I have a problem finding the right driver and installing it on Windows Server 2012 r2. I own the 5770 and the 290x. I tried to install for both graphic cards the driver (Win 8,1 64 bit) but they interrupted to install. Also CCC does not show up. Where can I find drivers for Windows Server 2012 r2 for thos graphic cards?


Or is the Microsoft graphic adapter driver optimized and sufficient enough to use it with the 290x for remote fx?


Kind regards