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A8-7600 GPU Clock always at idle

Question asked by mrbeardy on Jul 12, 2015
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I had used Overdrive to see if i could change the GPU clock on my A8-7600. When it didnt go above 720mhz and i remembered it was a locked chip, I set the gpu clock back to the original settings.


After i restarted, the GPU clock has remained stuck at 350mhz, idle speed, regardless of what i do. Playing games didnt affect the speed.


I have reflashed the bios, set it to defaults and reinstalled Windows without any luck in getting the GPU speed back to normal.


If i run Overdrive I can force it to run at 720mhz, but this does not ramp up and down like it should do, it just stays at 720mhz.


Has anyone any suggestions how I can get the chip to behave as normal again?