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Preventing widescreen stretching in older games

Question asked by infrisios on Jul 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by nielsvds

Hey folks,


I'm playing older games that don't properly support widescreen resolution (specifically: Warcraft 3) on a widescreen monitor.

Back when I had my old Nvidia GPU I could set it to not stretch games that were at a 4:3 resolution, i.e. I had black borders left and right and played WC3 in proper 4:3 resolution.

I could not find any option to change that with my ATI card. There were some old guides, but they were for an ancient build of the CCC.


Does anyone know a way to fix this issue?


Data you'll probably want:

Catalyst version: 15.7

GPU: R9 200


Thanks in advance!