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I have a strange problem .

Question asked by zenrose on Jul 12, 2015

Hi im from mexico and i dont know english so i will use translator .

A few days ago I had a problem that began when he was playing league of legends not know if it was coincidence or was why but here goes.

Everything went well that day and i decided turn off the vertical synchronization and a few seconds after that the screen image get distortion (as in the picture attached), and then after that my laptop was turned off and gave the screen blue error.

The problem is that we actualize the graphics card drivers but in spite of that still going on sometimes.

Although this happens there are days when I can use the laptop for hours without problems.

I have a Dell Studio XPS 1647 with windows 7 64 bit

The graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670.

If you need other information about the laptop or something to help me know how to solve this feel free to ask.


Note: I can use it in safe mode but the distortion is still but a few seconds later freezes and moving the mouse or by selecting any window of any program the static wipes like pain.

Note: This window appears when you turn on the computer, and it stuck at 26% now, before in 13%


Thanks for read. Plz help