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R9 280x Fan speed controller not working.

Question asked by grimframe on Jul 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by black_zion

Recently built new rig with a R9 280x GPU and up until recently I had no problems. However today after running a game my card for the first time sent its fans into a higher percentage speed (I instantly noticed an increase in the noise from the card as the card had been dead quiet until now) which lasted for a second then it went down to normal idle speeds. However after another bit of time it increased again and then did not go back. Now no matter what percentage I set the fans at, the speed (RPM) is the same, using OverDrive or MSI Afterburner nothing works my fans are sitting at a constant 3900 rpms which is too high considering my GPU temperature is currently at 30c.


Basically my card is at 100% fan speed and will not go down no matter the program I use or percentage I set. Using GPU-Z I can see the percentage change to that set by either program but the RPMs stay the same.