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A10 7870k bios update info

Question asked by zepekit on Jul 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by zepekit


I just bought a amd a10 7870k apu and a motherboard for it. The motherboard is a asus a88x gamer. I somehow got the impression that said motherboard had support for flashback, which would mean i could update the bios with only the a usb drive, the motherboard and power... nothing else.


When i got the board (and apu etc.) i noticed that the motherboard did in fact not have flashback support. Which is not good, since i don't have any old fm2+ cpu or apu i can use, to boot into bios and update it that way,


Now have read, on almost all news posts about the 7870k, that it needs a bios update for it to work... but i have also read that amd came out and said all a88x boards should support it.


Do any of you guys know if i can just insert the 7870k into the motherboard and boot into bios, with the bios version it has out of the box? - i am not sure if i should take the chance or not, and info about this very subject is sparse to say the least.


thanks in advance.