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AMD 15.7 did not fix freesync for crossfire.

Question asked by angryposter on Jul 11, 2015

So I loaded up the new amd 15.7 driver that claims crossfire freesync is working. And not to my surprise a AMD feature is still not working.


I'm using two 290x and a LG 34UM67. Yes I turned on freesync in the monitor, Yes I turned it on in the CCC, Yes I have frame rates capped to monitors refresh rate, In the Direct X10 and above games and in CCC.

After all that... THERE IS STILL PAGE/SCREEN TEARING. I also tried with freesync and v-sync on. There was even more stuttering than V-sync alone.


the LG monitor claims it syncs within 48-75 frames, sadly Its more like 73 frames max. It page tears at 75 fps... I have to cap to 73fps to reduce the page tearing but in the end it still does and yes it is noticeable. I Get the sky at the bottom of the screen.


Sorry AMD looks like you have more work to do. I don't know how anyone thought this was ready.