Updated to 15.7 and screen is cut off

Discussion created by iofhua on Jul 11, 2015
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My Catalyst Control Center asked me to update - I was running version 14.something (sorry I can't remember) and it updated to 15.7 but after the install and restart my screen is cut off. I have my PC hooked up HDMI to a 1080p television. It should display 1920x1080 resolution perfectly, and it did on the old version of CCC, but with the new version my screen is cut off. It's like the picture is inflated so it's bigger than my screen. I can only see top edge of my windows task bar, and the sides are cut off too. The clock on the right hand side of the taskbar says "8:35 A" instead of "8:35 AM" because that side of the task bar is missing..


Is there a way to fix this? If not, can I get a link to the old version of CCC so I can re-install that? Your download page really should have a link to old versions of CCC for those of us who are having problems with the newest version.


I appreciate any help that could be provided.