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    Bad GPU or known driver issue?


      I've had the R9 285 for five months. Ever since I got it, the first screen upon turning on my PC is a distored blue screen. (I can still acess the BIOS.) But the card seemed to run fine after logging in.

      Recently, I uninstalled my drivers with DDU (not the latest version.) Then reinstalled drivers using AMD Auto-Detect. Upon logging in my desktop, one monitor went green screen, the other black. This was the case until I restarted twice and everything seemed normal. The next day, both screens went black after restarting. So I tried 2 different driver packages, with the same black screen result.

      I'm using an old graphics card now with no issues. Does this sound like the card is faulty?


      cpu: FX-8350

      gpu: r9 285

      Mobo: GA-970A-UD3

      Ram: DDR3 - 1600 (x2)

      HD: 1TB SATA/ 32MB cache blue cav.