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AMD Display driver has stopped working and has recovered

Question asked by necroflex on Jul 11, 2015

Sooo...first off, had to create a new acc here since AMD deleted my old one for no reason (when the forum appearance changed) i contacted them and they said they will forward to their forum team and will contact me back...that was 2 months ago...

Anyway, back to the topic, so i've been having this issue since...well since 2013, literally, last driver that actually worked without issues was the 13.12 driver, after that it all went down the drain. Back then and still now i have the R9 270x from Gigabyte, the graphics card itself is amazing, but the drivers...kill me pls.

So like i said, the 2013 driver was the last one to actually function properly, after that i got crashes on almost any game i played, mostly was on Black Ops 2 zombies, i love zombies, but the driver crashes killed my experience...the first driver then to fix is somewhat was the 14.12 driver, but it still had crashes from time to time. By then i already gave up on playing BO2 zombies again and i was focusing on GTA 5 coming out, was super excited, hyped af and when it came out and i installed it, my hype went yet again, into the sewers...every like 30min i would crash with the ''AMD display driver BLA BLABLA'' error, updated drivers, installed beta drivers, rolled back drivers, nothing i gave up again and slowly am losing trust in AMD, especially when i asked their support for help like 3 times and all i got was a bot answering or idk what that was, it wasn't even english...


So i just sorta gave up on gaming, played a few games here and there, mostly World at War zombies, those actually worked, guess the game was out long enough for them to patch the drivers for it. So few days ago, AMD released the 15.7 driver, i thought i've seen jesus, them actually releasing a full driver. As fast as i could i uninstalled the previous driver, fully uninstalled so i can do a fresh install of the new driver, installed it, updated GTA 5 and jumped into it, for 20min everything went well...aaaaaaaand then suddenly, yet again, that same error...

Followed by the ''AMD driver blablabla''

So i reinstalled GTA 5, hoping a corrupt file was causing this...nope, no issue, messed around with the settings, no luck, from Dx11 to Dx10, no luck.

So i figured my last option was to go here, make a new acc (which i used the same mail as before and it and ask for help if anyone knows the fix or anything at all, cause i'm done, i tried everything i could, even reinstalled windows...and not just once...


this is the error dump from GTA 5's errorcodes folder:


P.S. I apologise for the rant, i'm just super pissed about the support i got from the emails i sent, i was nice in all of them, gave them all the info and they just did nothing and even sometimes replied back as if i was talking an alien language.


EDIT: forgot to post my computer specs:

  • Intel core i5-3470
  • 8GB DDR3 ram 1600MHz
  • Radeon R9 270x gigabyte edition
  • 650W PSU
  • 500GB toshiba HDD
  • ASUS H61M-K


and i have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, newest updates ofc.

and BO2 was an example, quite a bit of games have random crashes like this.