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    System crash with crossfire enabled - catalyst 15.7


      Hello Support,


      I've got a bit of an issue. I've worked out that any time Crossfire is enabled in a 3 monitor 1440p eyefinity setup - I start getting green flickering lines then it causes the system to restart. Next time it can not get past the windows 8.1 login screen.  This system has been stable for 12 months, but I put on the catalyst drivers yesterday and this happens. 


      System specs:

      CPU: 4790K

      MB: Asus Maximus formula vii

      PSU: Toughpower gold 1450W

      Memory: 32gb Kingston hyperX beast.

      SSD:  Samsung EVO 840 - 1T x 2s

      GPU1: ASUS r9 290x

      GPU2: ASUS r9 295x2


      All 3 video connections are plugged into the 290x hence being primary card (2 connections by DVI , one by display port)


      When crossfire is disabled - the system is stable. The moment I enable crossfire greenish/colourful lines across all 3 monitors - then crash.


      Please help