R9 390 hdmi-to-dvi issue

Discussion created by zmcara40 on Jul 10, 2015
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I had for the last few years a radeon 7970. When i first bought that card, i found that if i hooked up the pc monitor to the card with the hdmi connections that the picture quality was very poor. It looked as if it was super sharpened and text was very hard to read. Luckily on that model i was able to use the vga-to-dvi and everything was fine.


However, that card recently died and i have now purchased a R9 390 card. This card apparently does not allow for the vga-to-dvi connection, only the hdmi-to-dvi. So, i tried that and am now running into the same situation.


When i am browsing websites the text is very scratchy and hard to read. When i am inside a game such as warcraft it looks as if the sharpness of the picture has been dialed WAAAAY up and it's really a horrible picture. (playback of videos on youtube seem to be just fine and look great)


The first thing I did before coming here is googled various versions of this problem to see if i could get any ideas and the issues/fixes have roamed all over the place from "renaming the connection to PC from hdmi" to adjusting overscan settings to various other things. Nothing has really stood out.


Has anyone run into this type of situation that knows what is going on and could point me in the right direction? I have tried multiple hdmi cables and multiple monitors and the same situation occurs so it seems like something is messing with the video being sent to my monitor and it has something to do with using the hdmi connection, but im not sure what.


any help would be greatly appreciated!