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DVI-HDMI adapter without audio transmission for ZCP

Question asked by harald654 on Jul 10, 2015


I am using a AMD HD7750 graphics card which can be switched off almost entirely by the CeroCore Power function. This is conditional on the no audio data is transmitted to the monitor.
My problem is, my monitor (AOC i2369vm) unfortunately does not have a DVI input (only 2 HDMI +1 DisplayPort which all audio signals transmitted).
I thought no problem, the HD7750 has a DVI output (which by default transmit no audio files) and so
I can connect my monitor via an inexpensive DVI-to-HDMI adapter and the Cero Core Power should work.
I also have a found few tests which confirmed that it will work with an adapter.
The test is 2012, and I do not know whether the DVI-HDMI adapter have evolved in the meantime ^^,
but I've now tested:
-5 DVI-to-HDMI
-3 HDMI-to-DVI adapter
-2 DVI-to-HDMI cable
and with no it works! I've tried multiple adapters in combination and (just for fun) all connected in series. No matter what I do, the audio signal always arrives at my monitor, and ZCP does not work!

Does anyone have any idea how I can activate ZCP without buy a new monitor?
(the audio signal from the graphics card I do not need)