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6990 Gpu 2 dead?

Question asked by kinwaras on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by kinwaras

Hi, I Bought a HD6990 dual gpu card several years back.. i began noticing that i had to decrease my gaming settings continuously till now when i formated the hard drive and installed win 8.1 on it.. but now with both gpu monitor, and AMD's system monitor, it says the 2nd Gpu is continuously at 99% usage and at a fixed 70 degrees Celsius.. i Saw some other forum topics regarding the same problem as to a Drivers patch 13.1 i think. is there anyway to be sure if it's a software glitch or if it's truly toast..? and what to do in either case.. the card is from Club HD.


the setup is a ROG Maximus Extreme iv-z and a 2600K processor. along with  8gb of ddr3 ram.