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problem with crushes while gaming

Question asked by bangbunny on Jul 9, 2015

hi there im playing League Of Legends and in the past month

i cant play a single game my computer freezing and i get a black screen and all my computer stucks

i thought it was my computer so i did a full delete and re install windows 7 and it didnt help

i though it was the game so i deleted it and re install it and it didnt help

so i asked many of forums not so many solutions but i did try it all

and then i read some one that have AMD series graphic card and he told me that he did alot of research and read it on the internet that AMD and League Of Legends have a problem working together that the game crushes and much more

i want to know if there is a solution for that problem

i did play the game alot with this video card that i have R9 Radeon 290X

and i think it started with the last update of the game or the AMD update

please help me im desprate