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    Dual monitors not working properly after 15.7 drivers installed.


      I have 2 Dell U2412M monitors connected to an R9 280 card using DisplayPort interfaces.  Prior to 15.7 driver installation, both monitors were correctly identified by model and operated at native resolution.  After installing the new drivers on Win 7 x86, the primary monitor is identified as "Generic non-PnP Monitor" and only displays at 640x480.  The secondary monitor is identified correctly, and still works at 1920x1200.  I have tried deleting the monitor in Device Manager and redetecting hardware, and disconnecting the DisplayPort cable and reconnecting to get the monitor to identify correctly, but it still keeps coming back as generic.  But it gets worse.  This system is set up to dual boot.  Win 7 x86 on one partition, and Win 8.1 amd64 on the other.  Booting into Win 8.1, the primary monitor also comes up as generic there too now, even though I haven't even updated the driver on that profile yet.  I guess that means the update has messed up the card firmware?  Please advise on how to remedy this situation.  DxDiag info attached.