New AMD Catalyst 15.7 drivers and my review!

Discussion created by traceman on Jul 9, 2015

AMD told us EXACTLY what the new Catalyst 15.7 Drivers were designed to do! And guess what, they hit dead on - on just about every aspect what they were capable of and what to expect. Here is a small summary of what and how I managed to get the job done. First I must tell you to uninstall the old drivers with the uninstaller, then go into device manager and remove the driver if it still exists. Yes, check this. Here is the story with my dual boot AMD/ASUS Gaming Rig.  Although I have set my  FRTC up to full speed in both Windows 8.1 (DX11) and Windows 10 (DX12) to 95 Max FPS, I get the most wonderful clarity and beauty on my games etc... I did notice with everything CPU and GPU clocked up; FX3850 Black Edition (4.0 stock) 4.6 GHz and ASUS HD7950-DC2-3GD5-V2 (Stock 800MHz Core and Memory 5000MHz) for this card, to 925MHz Core and 5240MHz Memory-This one I used GPU Tweak for clocking and the FAN CURVE so I could over volt it successfully, only, due to limitations and some weird instability in CCC. NOTE! CCC is the Application I used to utilize the FRTC. I did adjust my Resolution and Refresh rates before anything else form Windows and CCC before managing the VIDEO, GAMING, PERFORMANCE, POWER, MONITOR and AUDIO, all with CCC. The only thing I did not manage or enable was AMD OVERDRIVE for the GPU (As stated I utilized GPU Tweak for this one thing). I used CCC for the CPU OVERDRIVE though. Even though I had already Clocked my CPU to 4.5 in the BIOS of my CVF-Z, I still used the AUTO-TUNE feature so I would have the ability to move the CPU OVERDRIVE feature, which I did get from 4.5 to 4.6 GHz - and very stable.


Okay after spilling all of that out there. The end results were that my Benchmarks and Games ran faster, cooler, extremely stable. All the while looking very awesome and utilizing less power. It is nothing short of amazing. I cant wait for the DX12 Games and Benchmarks to run on Windows 10. And one more thing I do not understand. Now Windows 10 boots much quicker and everything works at least 100% better. And, EVERTHING actually works now. Okay, there it is. If you have any questions I  may have the answers.