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    Signal to tv lost in gaming after Catalyst updates




      I'm having problems getting my set working properly. Updated my rig with another gpu and the Crossfire was working great. Then I bought Witcher 3 and installed the beta drivers. Performance doubled but the signal to tv via hdmi loses when I start any game in Steam or GoG. The signal goes through the hdmi-cable in desktop and pretty much everything else but when I start any game the tv goes to "no signal"-mode and the content cannot be seen. This has been going on since Witcher 3- and Batman-beta drivers and now with the 15.7 update. With older driver version signal goes through with no problem. Catalyst settings are not changed. They stay the same regardless of the drivers. The problem is that I'd like to use the newest drivers because of the performance of the Witcher 3 is about 60 fps compared to the old drivers 30 fps. I usually play the games with my monitor but it would be nice to play them from big screen. Is this driver issue or is there something in the settings? Anyone having same kind of problems?



      i5 4690k

      Radeon 7970 + R 280 Crossfire