What is contained in the catalyst installation package?

Discussion created by maelstorm on Jul 8, 2015

I downloaded a 285MB file for my video card, a Radeon HD 5670.  I was able to unpack it using 7-zip to see all the components that it contains.  Looking in drives, I see four folders.  These folders are as follows:


  • amdkmpfd
  • Display
  • WDM


I've figured out for myself that Display is the driver for the video card.  WDM I'm not sure what it does, but it has something to do with the display as well as a sub-folder is named HDMI which I'm not using.  As for the other two, I have no idea, but I suspect they may be chipset drivers for the mainboard.  I have a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with an AMD chipset.  So, the question is what are those other drivers for?  The WDM, AMDPSP, and amdkmpfd?


I like to run a minimal system because I believe that a driver should run the hardware that it is designed for without all the fluff and such that comes with it.  I don't use Fuel, Catalyst Control Center, or any of the other "value added software" that is in the installation package.  I just want the driver(s) proper on my system.