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    Catalyst 15.7 available


      Hello folks,


      I'm excited to announce that AMD has just released the Catalyst 15.7 driver. Get it here: Desktop.


      I'm hoping this thread can serve as a (single) repository for all feedback on the driver.

      (Aaron beat me to it: New Driver Rocks!).


      Have fun!



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          On a Kaveri (FX-7500) laptop I experienced a problematic performance degradation. While OpenCL benchmarks with previous driver exhibited over 400 GFlops with the new driver I only had  ~150 GFlops. Thus I had to revert to the previous driver. Can anybody else with Kaveri laptop confirm this problem?

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            I have just finished running some quick performance evaluations on 15.7 using my project (the code isn't public yet, but it'll hopefully be by the end of next week).


            I don't have a consistent testing methodology for previous runs. This time I can monitor visually the measured performance.


            Trusting my gut feelings, I'd say the performance has degraded slightly. In terms of peak performance the difference can be up to 10% but I'm recalling from memory.

            BUT what I can tell for sure is this driver produces less variability. It is very steady; I like it. In terms of averages the difference is likely less marked.


            Besides, with my card approaching 70C I suspect some throttling might be going on. I will test more next week.