Red Fridays-July 10th- Battlefield 4

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  Thanks for checking us out!

     This will be the third Red Fridays Event and I'm very happy with how the first two turned out. Lots of people showed up and it was a pretty good time!


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     Red Fridays is a chance for the AMD Red Team Community to get together on an organized schedule and play with the AMD Red Team Plus (RTP) Members. The purpose being to draw the entire community together as a whole and to give a chance to bond with our community leaders, the RTP members.



     The RTP are the members of the community who have stood out to AMD in some way, shape, or form. They are the community leaders, and are always more than willing to help you out with any problems you may experience.

These members include;

Community Manager sam.tehrani

RTP Member jackalopeater

RTP Member superben

RTP Member iwalkwithedead

RTP Member csboxr

RTP Member amandablain

RTP Member kelleytech

RTP Member janettwokay

RTP Member virgo4u

RTP Member phartindust

RTP Member torn_tv

RTP Member j3ster727

RTP Member lennya42

RTP Member ithegreek


     These members will be stopping by during Red Fridays and will be playing various games with us over the time.



     Red Fridays will take place in the AMD Teamspeak Server.

    If you do not have Teamspeak you can download it here (TS3), and if you do not have the AMD Teamspeak Server information, you can get it here (AMD TS3 Server)!

    We are looking forward to having many people in attendance, as we all know that gaming is much more fun when you are with a group of friends!


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     This is the third of the weekly Red Fridays ; and it seems that the community has chosen Battlefield 4 to be the game of choice to play. So, we will be mainly be playing that game during the allotted time period. However, other  games may be going on outside of our channel.


     I have purchased a copy of Trine 2 to giveaway to the viewer, in order to receive this prize, you must have a Steam account and be in the Twitch Channel at the time of Giveaway.

Who's Going.png

Community Manager sam.tehrani

RTP Member iwalkwithedead

RTP Member jackalopeater

RTP Member kelleytech

RTP Member torn_tv


twitch stream.png

     Just a reminder to everyone that this even will be livestreamed from my Twitch Channel, so common courtesy does apply.



     If anybody has any questions, feel free to message me on the forums, or send me a tweet at my Twitter account